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Our Gay's Are Back!

As for Desperate Housewives, Bob and Lee ended the season separated, something that upset many gay viewers. Well, there's good news for their fans as both have become series regulars this season and one of the housewives is going to be working to get them back together.

As for why the gay househusbands split up in the first place, it wasn't necessarily because the show didn't want to include them anymore. Sabrina Wind, an executive producer for the show, says there was an off camera reason for the breakup. "Kevin Rahm had a pilot and we wanted to give him an out. It's the same thing we did with Dana Delaney. Two characters walked out the door. We didn't want viewers wondering where they went with no explanation if they didn't come back."


JFC you guys... ABC still can't spell DELANY properly... She's been working for them for like, what 4 years now? That's just saaaad.
Hung‘s lady pimp is expanding her service area to include Wisteria Lane.

Rebecca Creskoff—who currently stars as Jane Adams’ rival man merchant on HBO’s Hung—has been tapped to guest star in an October episode of Desperate Housewives, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Details of her Housewives role are being kept under wraps, but it’s my understanding that Creskoff will be playing a new adversary of Susan’s (Teri Hatcher).


More twists, turns on Wisteria Lane

BURBANK, Calif. - Fall has come early to Wisteria Lane on the Universal stage set where Desperate Housewives is filmed, but Eva Longoria Parker is looking resplendent as always, dressed to the nines, even if her boss, creator, executive producer and showrunner Marc Cherry, is dressed like a slob. Desperate Housewives has just broken ground on its seventh season - Cherry says to expect more paternity surprises, more maternity suits and recurring guest turns by Vanessa Williams and Lainie Kazan when Desperate Housewives returns in September - but no one, it seems, has caught the seven-year itch just yet.

Parker, flanked by her boss and a relaxed, demure Marcia Cross - as serene and removed from her character Bree as Desperate Housewives is from reality - shepherds a small group of visitors around the house that Felicity Huffman's character Lynette calls home. In actuality, the house is one of several on a wide, tree-lined boulevard, formerly known as Leave It To Beaver Lane, or Beaver Lane, nestled just beneath the top of a hill on a remote corner of the sprawling Universal lot, far from the tourist trams.

Parker, who plays flighty Gabrielle Solis, isn't quite sure what she can divulge about the new season: Cherry has warned her, and the others, that loose lips sink payslips.

"I love Gaby's evolution as a character," Parker said, with appropriate deference and diplomacy to the Boss. "I love that Gaby was so much fun, but I can't imagine being that person for seven seasons. I liked that she did go from being this selfish, single model to a bad wife to funky to having kids. This year, what Marc's making me do - God! You told me what I could say," Parker said, turning to Cherry. "And I forgot it."

"And here's where I jump in," Cherry continued, in a sing-song lilt. "This is what I'm making her do. The very first scene, and what we start to deal with in the very first episode, is the ramifications of her friendship with Bree, because she finds out something that we've been holding back for six seasons: She finally finds out that Andrew, Bree's son, has run over her mother-in-law."

Oh, dear.
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Vancouver Sun
-- Green is slated to play a love interest for Marcia Cross, a young blue-collar guy who helps the oh-so-proper Bree explore a different side of herself. Cross all but oohed and ahhed at the prospect. Cherry remembers introducing Green and his character at the first table read of the season. "I turned and said 'You're welcome, Marcia,' and Marcia blushed." Cross, for her part, claims she "doesn't have to act" in her scenes with him in order to show some chemistry. Not sure if Megan Fox would want to hear that...

-- As most people know, Vanessa Williams has been added to the cast, a suggestion that came from (now former) ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson. Cherry was skeptical because she was just coming off of 'Ugly Betty,' but he "fell in love with her" as soon as he met her, with the deal being finalized in a matter of days.

-- Williams plays a Lynette's best "frenemy" from college. She's the wife of a professional athlete, an idea she pitched, and she sheds light on the choice Lynette made in her life. The first episode had "the best bitchy dialogue we've ever done on the show," says Cherry.

-- Even though Williams has experience being the wife of a pro basketball player -- she was married to the former Laker Rick Fox -- Cherry encouraged her to change things up a bit because "we already had the wife of a basketball player" in Longoria Parker. So Williams' character will be the wife of a player for the Yankees.

-- Longoria chimed in that "Marc takes a lot of stuff from my real life." Which prompted Cherry to shoot her a glance when he mentioned that Williams' character had marital problems. No cattiness there, huh?

-- Lanie Kazan will be coming aboard to do a few episodes. Shocked that she's never been there before.

-- Cherry said that in the season opener, Gabby finds out that Andrew, Bree's son, has run over her mother in law, which affects their friendship in a major way. In the second episode, two families are in conflict over another hit and run. "What I learned on 'The Golden Girls' is that you want your ensemble of ladies to be very close and very friendly, but it's even funnier when they're in conflict."

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More Magazine - April 2010

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